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Welcome to Connect Worldwide Services

Why does our contact centre excel?

We're not 'competent', we're completely brilliant. 
We're not 'boring', we're spontaneously gifted!
We're not 'chasing huge margins' to cover our ridiculous overheads, we're chasing mutually beneficial ideas that'll make us both 'say yes’. 
We're not just 'try us until we let you down', we're forever asking you and your customers to 'just say yes'...
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An Honest Approach

If you're tired of the jargon and bored of the suits and their nonsensical ROI promises, please drop us a line. We'll talk to you on a level and honestly let you know if we think your plan needs to change to help you get the return you need on your investment. After all, if we help you, you'll help us and we'll be working together for many moons to come.
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Our Values


We believe in providing a human touch to our calls, this can mean going off-script occasionally!


Our clients will always have a dedicated point of contact on call if assistance is needed.


We understand the psychology of selling and we lead with our unique methods of communication.


The art of conversation is our passion. We ensure this passion is at the forefront of our minds daily.

Open Minded

Being open minded is at the core of our values. It allows us to adapt and improve in a rapidly changing world.


Our employees love us because we are a Living Wage accredited employer.
Our Services
  • What Our Clients Say...

    "We've been working with Connect Worldwide for a year now. We've steadily extended and increased our budget with them and they're now our largest partner internationally.

    In our experience, the service is unrivalled both for ROI and the provision of what a true outsourced relationship should offer - minimal need for intervention and consistent SLA delivery."

    Allan Cottell | Director - Partnerships and Training
    Outsource Strategies
  • What Our Clients Say...

    “We’ve worked with Connect Worldwide on various appointment setting campaigns (hearing loss, funeral plans and solar). The team are great, they’re experts at what they do and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

    Client Services are impeccable, the service delivery was the best from all the partners we used across all of the products we have been generating leads for. They understand how to manage the logistics of field sales teams with much more detail than anyone else we’ve worked with. We’ll be starting all of the campaigns again as soon as it’s safe to do so. Highly recommended”

    Tim Keene | Managing Director
    Maximedia Marketing Ltd.
  • What Our Clients Say...

    “We introduced a client of ours who was looking for an outsourcer to provide an outbound cross and upselling campaign into their existing valued customers. We provided the staff; they provided the expertise. 

    The campaign was and still is, a great success. We’ve not found another outsourcer who treats the ‘partnership’ approach as a balanced and respectfully as Connect Worldwide Services, which is why they are now our go to contact centre”

    Lizzie Fieldhouse | Director
    Proactive Solutions Group Ltd.

You talking to me lightbulb ?

When you are looking to outsource a telemarketing campaign what are THE MOST crucial outcomes you want from the company you partner with?

What defines a successful campaign to your business?
Illustration of man having a great idea at his desk, creating plans for a new telemarketing campaign
Money flying out of a giant man sized phone into a giant piggy bank – happy days

Unrivalled ROI and Much More

At Connect Worldwide, we focus on being insanely incredible in providing the following 3 results to you…
  • A consistent, unrivalled Return on Investment!
  • A completely managed service that truly gives you back your precious time!
  • A fun, unique and prosperous relationship built on trust and solidarity!

Guaranteed Results

With a combined 40 + years of experience in doing this day in and day out, we know what is important to you. 

We know how to set successful campaigns within a minimal timeframe. We have a proven recruiting process that delivers us the absolute best sales agents and we know exactly what it takes to make these agents consistently deliver!
Illustration of a man looking happy with his campaign results, and so he would do, he works at Connect Worldwide - the best!
A man having a small party in the office thanks to the good vibes he gets whilst working at Connect Worldwide

We Dare to be Different

We dare to be different! Our motivation, humour and positive attitude are infectious to our clients, our sales agents and to your customers.

Our track-record of success truly speaks for itself. So if you are looking to partner with a business who lives and breathes the phrase “Just Say Yes!” then contact us today to discuss how we can take your results to the next level.

Ready to get started ?

Just Say YES

Who We Are

Acquisition Specialists

Connect Worldwide are acquisition specialists who focus on improving your ROI whilst giving you back your time.
We offer a wide range of telemarketing, lead generation and telephone fundraising services.

Our vast experience tells us the most important thing for you as a business is to consistently deliver in your campaign results.

Unique Campaign Strategists

The calling strategies we implement are born from many years of achieving industry leading results to provide this consistency for you and it will be done with a smile!

Your Ultimate Outsource Team

Every process we have is effective because it’s so simplistic.

  • You get the KPI’s you want
  • Reported to you in the format you want
  • For the ROI you NEED
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You really can have peace of mind when it comes to leaving the rest to us.
What more could you possibly ask for ? !
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