July 11, 2024

Call Centre Services

Telemarketing Campaigns

Proven and Effective

Our campaigns focus on a proven and effective structure, we operate on a 6:1 ratio of Team Leader to Sales Agents. 
This ensures maximum motivation, assistance and support.
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What can our call centre provide for you?

Appointment Setting

We create quality time for you with the decision makers you need.

Lead Generation

Consistently achieved KPI's that deliver a consistently exceeded ROI.


We provide the finest data, cutting out the middlemen and deliver the whole package ourselves.

Fast Setup

We are able to set up a new campaign within 48 hours. We really can be ready in a flash!

Performance Reviews

It is vital to keep improving, constant transparency and reviews are key.

Valuable Feedback

Communication works both ways, we want to be your partner and succeed together.
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Appointment Setting Services

We have over 20 years of experience in successfully leading telephone and field sales teams. We’ll create enough time and the right time with the decision makers you need.

We offer a full diary management service, have our own software and the ability to integrate with you through your API or diary software

We will take care of debriefing your prospects to ensure you are continually improving sales practices and closing average within your team
Connect Worldwide staff appointment setting and taking care of all their client's needs, in a cartoon of course

Appointment Setting

Our One Stop Service

We will...

Arrange real time lead delivery into our CRM
Call and set the appointments
Call to confirm the appointment and the decision maker will be present
Rebook and repeat process if necessary
Provide agnostic customer feedback after the completed appointment
  • What Our Clients Say...

    "We've been working with Connect Worldwide for a year now. We've steadily extended and increased our budget with them and they're now our largest partner internationally.

    In our experience, the service is unrivalled both for ROI and the provision of what a true outsourced relationship should offer - minimal need for intervention and consistent SLA delivery."

    Allan Cottell | Director - Partnerships and Training
    Outsource Strategies
  • What Our Clients Say...

    “We’ve worked with Connect Worldwide on various appointment setting campaigns (hearing loss, funeral plans and solar). The team are great, they’re experts at what they do and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

    Client Services are impeccable, the service delivery was the best from all the partners we used across all of the products we have been generating leads for. They understand how to manage the logistics of field sales teams with much more detail than anyone else we’ve worked with. We’ll be starting all of the campaigns again as soon as it’s safe to do so. Highly recommended”

    Tim Keene | Managing Director
    Maximedia Marketing Ltd.
  • What Our Clients Say...

    “We introduced a client of ours who was looking for an outsourcer to provide an outbound cross and upselling campaign into their existing valued customers. We provided the staff; they provided the expertise. 

    The campaign was and still is, a great success. We’ve not found another outsourcer who treats the ‘partnership’ approach as a balanced and respectfully as Connect Worldwide Services, which is why they are now our go to contact centre”

    Lizzie Fieldhouse | Director
    Proactive Solutions Group Ltd.

Data and Lead Generation

Data is the Fuel

Every engine needs fuel. Add the wrong fuel and the engine will stall, falter and become completely unproductive. 

At Connect Worldwide, we fuel our team with only the finest bio-fuel and recommend you do the same!

Just Say Yes!

To ensure our goals are always aligned, our primary focus is on getting your prospect to “Just Say Yes!”

Cut Out the Middlemen

We manage the contact centres, report the stats to you with complete transparency and continually improve performance together.

Lead Generation

We do also have our own Lead Generation Partner. The only advice we’d give you regarding Lead Generation is to ensure you have at least 2 sources so you can measure your supply chain against each other.
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Illustration of two professional call centre staff planning the perfect campaign for a lucky client. Could that be you?

Shall We Begin?

We can start by conducting multiple-cell small tests for you. We don’t want to take huge amounts of your budget upfront on a promise.

Our goal is to prove the concept and then grow together with respect and best practice.

Let’s test a campaign with a small budget and clear, measurable KPI’s that work WITH your ROI needs…
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